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Creating hopes and dreams through excellence.

Why is a vision statement important?

A vision statement is vital to any organization because it provides a sense of commonality. Everyone in the Sudbury Catholic District School Board is united under this one goal, and this clarity provides the focus and energy for learning. A shared vision gives us a common language that binds us together. We are all connected when we share the same vision.

What are the criteria for a memorable vision?

For a vision statement to be meaningful, it must be inspirational to every individual. It should be timeless and applicable to every situation. A vision statement must create a mirror for one's self and for the organization as a whole. The standards that define the individual and the entity must be clearly conveyed by this one simple message.


In the development of our vision statement, the choice of the word "creating" is significant to our fundamental beliefs as a Catholic community.

Hopes and Dreams

The phrase hopes and dreams was chosen as every student comes to us with their unique and individual hopes and dreams. Our hopes and dreams encourage change, and motivate us to keep moving forward.


The word excellence, can apply to academics, athletics, or personal development. We achieve excellence when we strive to bring out the best in ourselves, and those we serve.

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