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It is our belief that a close working relationship among the partners in education, the home, the school, and the church is essential to foster and maintain a Christian community. While encouraging each partner to carry out his or her proper role in the school community, it is recognized that differences of opinion and problems may arise from time to time.

Education is a shared experience involving the home and the school and it can be strengthened by open communication between the two. Should a concern about your child's education arise, follow these steps:

 Contact the classroom teacher and discuss the situation

 if the situation has not been resolved contact the Principal and request help in dealing with the matter

 if necessary contact the Superintendent in charge of the school. Call 705-673-5620 and ask for the name of the superintendent for your child's school, or find your superintendent on our board website

 if necessary contact the Director of Education at 705-673-5620 ext. 238

 if necessary and if the situation has not been resolved contact your trustee


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