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Our mission statement as a Catholic board reflects nurturing, educating and developing the whole child: physically, academically, spiritually and socially.

The Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations are all about preparing today’s children to become responsible caring adults. The Catholic Graduate Expectations more than reflect the Ministry’s Character Education mandate.

The Catholic Gospel values are reflected in everything we do teach in our schools. They are embedded in the total life of the school and the Catholic school community.

The resources and documents that are purchased to support curriculum delivery also reflect the Catholic Character Education that goes on in our schools such as: Northern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Council (NOCCC) curriculum documents, Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) support documents, Canadian Catholic Bishops’ religion textbooks and teacher guides, Catholic Premier Agendas, etc.

Special programs that are running in all and/or in some of our schools:

• Rainbows for All God’s Children
•  Anti-Bullying programs, literature, activities and presentations
•  “Caught you doing something good”
• Preservation and Outreach programs
• Guardian Angels / Peer Mediation / Yard Angels
• Community Builders
• Tribes
• Student of the Month / Terrific Kids Awards / Peacemaker Awards
• Collaborative Student Mediation Project
• Charity Support: Terry Fox Run, Cancer Research, Jump Rope for Heart, Holy Childhood Association, Food Drives, St. Joseph’s Villa, etc.
• Special celebrations: Remembrance Day
• Big Sister / Little Sister program at Marymount Academy
•  Guidance (7-12)
• Chaplains / Faith Animator / Religion Coordinator (support staff in this area)
• Retreats at the secondary panel (and in grade 7 and 8 in some schools)
• Blood donor clinics.

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