Class helps build community garden! :  Students in Mme Wright's Grade 3 FI class are some of several students helping the Coniston Community Garden this season.   
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The Sudbury Catholic District School Board supports, promotes and practices programs for students and staff that foster stewardship of the earth and the wise use of resources. Current focus includes real time and historical monitoring of energy consumption, energy conservation projects, outdoor and environmental education and recognition of school and student green initiatives.

View the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan


In an ongoing effort to make our schools more energy efficient, Sudbury Catholic Schools have begun integrating Smart metering systems engineered by leading power technology companies Triacta and CARMA Industries. The Smart metering systems are installed in six schools and gather and relay data about energy use in real time, allowing Facility Services to monitor, evaluate and correct high consumption issues as they arise, and students and teachers to use the data as teaching and demonstration tools. All of the data is collected and posted in 1 hour intervals, which allows users to track variations immediately, as they initiate changes.

See St. Francis Live Consumption Data


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