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In compliance with Regulation 464 of Ontario's Education Act, the Special Education Advisory Committee holds at least ten meetings per year.

At the various in-service and business meetings, the SEAC makes recommendations in the form of motions, regarding the Board’s Special Education Plan, including Programs and Services for Exceptional Students.

At budget meetings and SEAC meetings, the Special Education budget is reviewed and highlighted. Financial statements, the budget and the revised estimates are reviewed on an annual basis.

The Board continues to have a dedicated and supportive SEAC. The current list of members is:


Michael Bellmore
Trustee 705-669-0166 (H)
Estelle Scappatura (Alternate)
Trustee 705-670-1858 (H)

Lorella Folino (Chairperson)
Autism Ontario-Sudbury and District Chapter (705)522-6010 (H)
Fiorina Folino (Vice-chairperson)
Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

(705)523-2242 (H)

Tiffanie Podstawaka
Learning Disabilities Association (705) 507-0908
Mary Tremblay
ADD/HD Parent Support Group (705)969-4676 (H)


Joanne Bénard
Director of Education (705)673-5620 ext.298 (W)
Rossella Bagnato
Superintendent of Academic Programs (705)673-5620 ext. 300 (W)
Christina Raso
Special Education Consultant (705)673-5620 ext. 204 (W)

1. SEAC in-service and business meetings are generally scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings generally are held at the Catholic Education Centre. Meeting dates and times are sent to all parents via the Board’s annual calendar and the SEAC newsletter.

2. In order to assist the SEAC in making informed recommendations, the Board will provide orientation sessions and may arrange for knowledgeable persons to provide in-service training sessions for members during regular SEAC meetings.

3. SEAC members are first nominated by various local associations and parent groups. If the nominees meet the criteria to be on SEAC, the names are presented to the Board for approval. The Board repeatedly places ads in the local newspapers recruiting new nominees.
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