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St. Benedict Students Passionate About the Environment

St. Benedict CSS students (standing-left) Dayna Corelli and Veronica Summerhill make a presentation to Sudbury Catholic Schools Trustees and Senior Administration on the Dearness Conservation and energy saving programs at their school. Students are in charge of many environmental services within the school such as recycling waste material as well the collection of cell phones and used batteries for proper disposal.

March 11, 2008 - St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School is located in the south end of the City of Greater Sudbury. Like many other high schools in the region it has great sports teams, high academic standings, terrific school spirit and a deep and caring concern for the planet. However, it is level, breadth and intensity of this concern for the environment that makes it unique. Through a core group of passionate and enthusiastic students coupled with supportive teachers and the integration of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s comprehensive Dearness Conservation (DC) program, St. Benedict has developed a reputation for being a dedicated steward of the earth.

In Spring 2006, DC approached St. Benedict CSS students to campaign in their neighbourhoods to promote the Interactive Home Audit. The Interactive Home Audit was an online survey that homeowners would complete to determine their energy consumption. The audit then offered suggestions on how energy and money could be saved by implementing simple, efficient changes.

Groups of two to three students canvassed their neighbourhoods distributing pamphlets and florescent light bulbs to residents who agreed to complete the Home Audit. The students were overwhelmed with the results of the campaign as they felt that they had reached a great number of homeowners in the Sudbury area with their targeted message. Upon the completion of the Home Audit program, Efficient Sudbury deemed the St. Benedict groups as the most efficient representatives based on the feedback from residents who were targeted by the campaign.

In November 2007, Dearness Conservation held a school wide presentation to give students and staff an update on climate change. The students were enthralled by a dynamic, comprehensive presentation highlighting the effects of climate change and individual choices that can be made to reduce the impacts on our planet. Following the presentation, interactive workshops were held with grade ten science classes which peaked the interest of many younger environmentalists.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s DC Conservation Challenge was launched to encourage each school to reduce their waste, water, and energy usage with the incentive of winning $500 for re-greening initiatives. St. Benedict has also established itself as an environmental icon purely through the initiatives of its students. Each year the St. Benedict Environmental club competes in the Ontario Annual Envirothon and have won the Oral Presentation Award for the most practical solution for pressing environmental issues for the past two years. Students must employ their extensive knowledge of environmental topics, as well as their originality and creativity. Students are also in charge of many environmental services within the school. Weekly recycling is coordinated by students as well the collection of cell phones and used batteries for proper disposal. The Environment team is adamant about ensuring that all recyclables are placed in the proper bins and that students and staff are being environmentally conscious with energy and water consumption.

St. Benedict is a remarkable school that takes environmentalism to heart. With the culmination of the DC initiatives and resources, supportive teachers, and passionate students, St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School is a school with an environmental conscience.



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