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Sudbury Catholic Schools Celebrate Catholic Education Week, May 3 to May 8, 2009: "Good News for All"

May 3, 2009 - "Good News for All"

"How Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."

Catholic Education Week is a unique opportunity to celebrate the great work of Catholic schools in the dynamic and creative integration of Catholic teachings and gospel values across the curriculum.

Throughout Catholic Education Week, our schools will be focusing on the theme “How Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” We invite all members of our community, especially our parents and trustees, to participate in the celebrations and activities that will mark the celebration of Catholic Education Week 2009 at our schools.

Highlights of the Week:

Throughout the Week:

● Schools to participate in daily prayers linked to theme “Good News for All”
● High school Chaplains visiting classrooms to discuss issues such as abortion, euthanasia, capital
punishment, etc.
● Various Schools participating in Scholastic Book Fairs
● Various Schools participating in Earth Stewardship - Clean-up and planting

Sunday, May 3rd

● Pius XII - 11 am Children’s Liturgy Mass at Holy Redeemer “Good News for All”

Monday, May 4th

● Special Olympics - “Have a Go” Day
● Music Monday...joining students across Canada to sing together as a promotion of music in schools
● St. Andrew's picnic lunch with family
● Immaculate Conception celebrates “May is for Mary” Celebration
● First Communion Celebrations
● Bishop A. Carter to kick off of the Breakfast Club Program
● Don’t Laugh At Me” Growing in Integrity Lessons
● Family Literacy Circles

Tuesday, May 5th

● St. David school attends mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church
● St. Andrew hosts reading with the Stars. Special guest: Bishop Noel Simard and community members
● St. Anne hosts workshops on respecting everyone's unique characteristics and focusing on the different
ways people learn and what having a disability is like.
● St. John's to host Stone Soup story telling and lunch
● St. Charles Elementary hosts Canadian author, Heather Down presenting read aloud and making stories
come alive
● Pius XII hosts God’s Dream for the World. (Story, discussion, activity).

Wednesday, May 6th

● St. Andrew School celebrates mass at St. Andrew the Apostle Church – 9:30 am
● St. Bernadette hosts Jump Rope for Heart
● Living Rosary at St. Andrew School
● Cancer Awareness Presentation at Bishop Carter
● St. Anne celebrates with reading buddies on Hope/Butterfly themes
● St. Raphael celebrates Faith/Anti-Bullying Day

Thursday, May 7th

● St. Raphael attending St. Andrew the Apostle Church to celebrate mass
● Poet, Dawna Proudman from the League of Poets will conduct workshops at St. Anne
● Pius XII hosts Mother Day Tea
Friday, May 8th
● Mega Mass at St. Patrick's Parish – Community of School Celebrate Mass Together
● Schools attending Historica Fair
● Hat Day with donations for Cancer
● St. Benedict hosts Blood Donor Clinic
● “Teepee Teachings” at Pius XII
● “Looking for Jesus,” treasure Hunt @ Holy Redeemer Church



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