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Students Make Connections to Themselves in Native Culture

Native Studies Teacher at St. Charles College, Jennifer Petahtegoose explains the significance of the eagle staff to her students.

July 14, 2009 - The students of St. Charles College and St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School were invited to Atikameksheng First Nation to view a presentation on a Treaty Payment Day and witness a piece of Canadian history in action.

St. Charles Native Studies teacher and Atikameksheng band member, Jennifer Petahtegoose took the opportunity to seize this as a teaching moment by explaining many of the differences and similarities with respect to Native and non-Native cultures. Mrs. Petahtegoose proudly showed her students the band's eagle staff and explained how "it is a reflection First Nation people and their history.” The students made “talking sticks” in class, which gave them a better understanding of the meaning and history behind their artwork.



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