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St. Charles College and St. Bernadette Students Working Together to Build Partnership

Grade 6 St. Bernadette student Mikaela Cheslock and Grade 10 St. Charles College student Tyrone Bushey look at Mikaela's research material for her Heritage Fair project on streetcars.

March 2, 2010 - Grade 6 students at St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School have had a unique opportunity every Tuesday for the last month. Dan Boisvert, a teacher from St. Charles College has had his Grade 10 History students partner-up with the St. Bernadette students to work on their elementary Heritage Fair projects. The secondary students have been helping the elementary students with all of the research, preparation and organization involved in setting up their assignments. Nicole Snow, Principal of St. Bernadette was quite excited about the project with St. Charles College. “Partnerships like this can be very powerful.” said Snow. Chantal Therrien, the Grade 6 teacher was also enthusiastic about the student mentoring. “It is good to create this partnership with St. Charles College.” said Therrien. “Now, when it comes time for the students to go to high school, they won’t be so intimidated. It has been a really great experience for my students that they have enjoyed very much!” The project has allowed the secondary students to guide and share their knowledge with the Grade 6 students. Boisvert felt that it was an excellent opportunity for the two schools to help each other and build a stronger school community. “The more we do this, the better we get at it.” said Boisvert. “It is great to start off with small steps like this and build from here.” The two schools already have two more projects in the works including french language debate with two different class as well as a family studies class from the highschool working with the kindergarten students.



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