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St. Albert Business Program Showcases Student Projects

St. Albert students Peghan Verkuil and Francine Dubreuil wait nervously for their turn to present their imovie interview presentation.

March 2, 2010 - Over the last several weeks, the participants of the brand new Business Program at St. Albert Adult Learning Centre have been working hard to identify and refine both their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. In order to demonstrate their new understanding of the subtle differences in non-verbal communication, each group created and videotaped two different mock interview scenarios. The scenarios were intended to demonstrate the subtleties between effective and ineffective body language and tone of voice during job interviews and were premiered on March 2, 2010 for several students and school staff. Tina Timpano, one of the Sudbury Catholic Teacher Integration Mentor teachers had visited the classroom over the past few months to assist the students with their video editing on imovie on the macbooks. The students were very enthusiastic about diving into the task of editing their movies in order to create polished, professional looking presentations for their projects. Jill Ospina, the Business teacher at the school felt that the integration of technology as well as the learning of practical hands-on real life skills will allow her students to be successful when it comes times for them to enter the workforce. “For many of the students, this project forced them to come out of their shell and experience real life situations that will benefit them for real job interview opportunities.” said Ospina. “ They have come a long way in a really short amount of time with this project and I am really proud of them.” Cassandra MacGregor, Vice-Principal of the school was thrilled that the students were pleased with the new program at the school. “ The students are earning credits towards their high school diploma as well as receiving specialized training to assist them when they enter the business world - it is a win-win situation for them.” Two of the students that presented their project, Francine Dubreuil and Peghan Verkuil were nervous but enthusiastic about their project being showcased to the other students. “We were really overwhelmed at first with this project,” said Dubreuil “but it has been a lot of fun and we have definitely learned a lot about business and technology. “ Peghan Verkuil also shared similar sentiments. “It definitely has been a lot of work, but in the end it paid off as it was a great experience to prepare us for the future.”



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