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Sudbury Catholic Receives Provincial Literacy and Basic Skills Funding

M.P.P. Rick Bartolucci recently announced Literacy and Basic Skills funding in the amount of $115,930 for Sudbury Catholic Schools. Director of Education, Catherine McCullough was on hand for the announcement.

September 24, 2010 - Community partners gathered in the office of the Mid-North Network for the Coordination and Development of Adult Learning to receive funding news from M.P.P. Rick Bartolucci as he announced that the McGuinty Government has recently committed over 1.2 million dollars to support Ontario’s Literacy and Basic Skills Programs. As a result, the Sudbury Catholic District School Board will receive funding in the amount of $115,930 to build on their already successful LBS program which is designed for adults seeking to improve their reading, writing, math and computer skills. Bartolucci spoke of his past experience as a Principal at St. David Catholic Elementary School, when he was approached by a few adults who wanted to get involved in their children's education but were unable to read or write. The Sudbury Catholic Board at that time decided to pilot a program for these and a few more parents and the result was the first steps of a Literacy and Basic Skills program. “It was because this school board was brave enough to take a chance on these people and try to meet their needs of wanting to improve their skills – this is why this announcement truly touches my heart in a real, real way,” Bartolucci said. “It is with our community partners working together that we can really make a difference.”

Sudbury Catholic Director of Education, Catherine McCullough also spoke at the press conference about the significance of this funding. For years she has met and talked with many of the students who are taking part in the Board’s LBS program and recognizes the courage it takes for them to decide to make these positive changes in their lives. “It really is a most powerful experience talking to these students and seeing what huge accomplishments they are achieving through our LBS program,’ McCullough stated. “It is all about a shared goal and working together with other organizations, so Sudbury Catholic is thankful that it can play a positive role in the lives of many learners working to get closer to their education, training and education goals.”

For more information on Sudbury Catholic Literacy and Basic Skills programs, please contact St. Albert Adult Learning Centre at 673-3031.



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