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February 21, 2011 - Ms Peterson's 1/2 class celebrated the 100th Day of School on February 11th this year. The preparation for the celebration starts in September as part of the math curriculum. Starting the first day of school until the 100th Day number sense math concepts are taught visually, orally, and "tactilely," as well as, reinforced daily: calendar, identification and value of coins, counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's, 25's forwards and backwards, adding using regrouping for ones, tens, hundreds and the importance of ten as anchor number. A puppet named "Zero The Hero" comes to visit the students every ten school days with lifesaver candies to reinforce the concepts previously listed, as well as, the importance of zero in a number for place value. The preparation from the first day of school to the 100th day of school allows the children to experience number sense concepts in a fun way.

For the class celebration on February 11th, the grade 1/2 class decorated 100 Day crowns with cheerios using ideas from a math cheerio counting book, and brought clothing from home that represented the number 100 in some way, along with a home-made collection of 100 things to display. A classroom book was created about 100 Wishes for the principal. The children played several games that included counting to 100 in a variety of ways ( orally, physically in the gym and using dice). Also, several jars of valentine candy were on display and the children had to estimate which jar contained 100 candies. The week prior to the 100th Day the students made predictions about the book, "100 Day Worries." Of course, the classroom puppet, "Zero The Hero," came for a visit wearing a special 100th Day costume and a special zero shaped treat. Lastly, and the class favourite, is SNACK. The snack is selecting ten pieces of candy from ten bowls with different kinds of candy to collect and place the pieces on an individual 100 Chart mat. The children get to eat ten rows of 10 different types of candy. Many six and seven year old children have been heard to say during this activity, "This is the greatest day of their entire school life!"



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