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St. Anne Kindergarten Student Authors Her Way Into Prize Winning Story

Ashlyn Carriere, a 5 year old student registered in the English ELKP program at St. Anne School, proudly holds up the plaque she received for writing her award winning fairy tale, "Princess Shalla and Prince Aucoinia Get Kidnapped." Ashlyn is the 2011 fiction story winner of the Ontario Catholic Teacher's Young Author's Award for 2011 in the Junior/Senior Kindergarten division.

June 22, 2011 - How young can you be to write your own story? Just ask St. Anne School student Ashlyn Carrierre. She is the newest recipient of the Ontario Catholic Elementary Teacher's Young Author Award for 2011. Ashlyn is a student within the English Senior Kindergarten class at the Sudbury Catholic School in Hanmer. In January of this year, she wrote her own fairy tale entitled, "Princess Shalla and Prince Aucoinia Get Kidnapped." Her story was then submitted to the Young Author's contest in the fiction category for the Junior and Senior Kindergarten division. In April, the school received notification that Ashlyn's story had won!

"I am so excited," said Ashlyn. "I am so happy that I got a plaque. It feels really good to be an author." In an awards ceremony that took place on June 17th, Ashlyn was presented with a plaque for her wall. The plaque shows not only Ashlyn's name, but also the title of her fairy tale. The Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Sudbury Unit President, Mr. Kent MacNeill, presented the award to Ashlyn in front on the entire school body as well as her family who were also attending. Her classroom teacher, Cheryl MacRury, told the assembled group that Ashlyn had a wonderful imagination for a little girl of her age and that she was very deserving of this award. Ashlyn knew that fairy tales started with "Once upon a time" and that they ended with everyone "living happily ever after". She had picked her own characters and setting. She had come up with a problem for the characters and then the solution. And finally, all on her own, Ashlyn had used words like ferocious, sparkly, huge and dungeon, as well as names like Queen Shata, Princess Shalla, and Prince Aucoinia.

Ashlyn may or may not be Ontario's newest author, but there is a good chance that she may be Ontario's youngest author. Both staff and students from St. Anne School hope to one day be able to walk into Chapters and read books that Ashlyn has authored. She is certainly a little girl with a wonderful ability to write entertaining stories. Good luck with your talent in the future Ashlyn! St. Anne School is very proud of you!



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