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Dragons Training Around their Den

St. David's running club - the Roaring Runners - led by teacher and coach Terri-Lynn Lepage are practicing hard for their very first race - the Santa Shuffle- in December.

October 21, 2011 - Students at St. David Catholic Elementary School have set a goal for themselves. They are going to become runners. Teacher Terri-Lynn Lapage issued a challenge to the grades 1-5 students to learn how to become runners and fifteen students have accepted this challenge. Twice a week this group – called the St. David Roaring Runners - as an homage to the school’s mascot, the dragon, can be seen and heard playing cooperative games, running around the block, and cheering each other on. Lepage’s hope is to get the students moving and fit all the while having fun. “The club promotes physical fitness for students and staff and encourages sportsmanship and a positive mental attitude,” Lepage stated. “It’s about supporting the whole person - mind, body and soul… and with the running club – the kids are getting that positive support.” The Roaring Runners are preparing for the Santa Shuffle on December 3rd and are busy collecting pledges to donate to the Salvation Army’s Women and Children’s shelter. All of the their progress is charted in a blog that Lepage has set up at “Running club is a place where all children (and teachers) can experience success. I can’t describe how great it feels to see students cheering each other on or proudly announcing that they ran 7 laps this practice instead of 3 or 4.” St. David principal Dawn Wemigwans is quite proud of Lepage and the students. “What a fantastic opportunity to promote wellness and healthy living for our students,” Wemigwans stated. “There is nothing better than seeing the kids running around the school, laughing and cheering, with great big smiles on their faces – that is what this club is all about.” Lepage and the Roaring Runners are issuing a challenge to all other schools and running clubs in Sudbury to start up similar clubs and match or even beat their donations. Lepage encourages others to go to her blog to find out more about the St. David Roaring Runners and says to expect to see them in fine form at their very first race, the Santa Shuffle, in December. “This race is only our first goal – the first step in a journey of healthy living for our St. David community.”



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