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St. Anne English ABC'S Students Donation Cans Start "Paying Off"!

The "ABC'S" (all because of caring students) from the English E.L.K.P. class at St. Anne School in Hanmer, Jenna Deveau Peddie, Olivia Dunbabin, Kenadie Dixon, Ethan Kydd, Landon Houle, and Ava Collette display their fundraising cans that they have placed in local businesses to help them collect pennies to help Sudbury's animal population. So far they have collected $40.00 which they have donated in food and necessary items to the Wild At Heart Animal Refuge Center.

January 16, 2012 - Earlier this fall, Olivia Dunbabin, an English Early Learning student at St. Anne School in Hanmer, and her classmates decided "you don't have to be that old" to be able to make a difference in the world. She along with her four and five year old classmates think they are just the right age to stand up and be noticed. They have been making a difference to the animal world and as such, they don't want people to call them the Kindergarten class anymore. They now want to be recognized as the "ABC'S", All Because of Caring Students!

These young students within the Sudbury Catholic School Board have been on a mission. They have been raising money to help out Sudbury's animal population. After discussing animals in the fall and enjoying a presentation from the Wild At Heart Animal Refuge, the young students told their teacher, Cheryl MacRury, that they wanted to do their part to help animals in the wild. With technological help from Mrs. Belanger's Gr. 7 class in transferring the Kindergarten generated logo entitled the "ABC'S" onto the computer, the students have placed donation cans asking for one penny within Valley businesses. The donation cans, the Kindergarten logo, and brief explanation placards have been placed at Hanson's Family Dentistry, Paula's Canine Country Club, Evolve Active Therapy, and Nor-Ont Veterinary Hospital.

Thanks to the caring staffs at these businesses as well as family members from the students themselves, the "ABC'S" are on a mission that seems to be paying off. With the help of Mrs. Belanger's Gr.7 class in counting out the donations, the young students have collected $40.00 and were able to present the Wild At Heart Refuge with some food and household items necessary for the animals from the Refuge's wish list over the Christmas holidays. The "ABC'S" plan to keep giving to The Wild At Heart Refuge Center, but who knows? If their campaign is a successful one, they would like to even be able to donate to the local S.P.C.A. When asked if they are too little to make a difference in the world, these little people have only one thing to say. "We believe we can do it!" The staff and students at St. Anne School believe in you too. Way to go Angels!



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