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Sudbury Catholic Schools Presents Dr. Karyn Gordon


November 27, 2012 - On November 26 2012, Dr. Karyn Gordon visited both St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School as well as Marymount Academy to speak to all grade 7 and 8 students. Dr. Gordon is a relationship expert for organizations and families and has over 14 years of professional national media experience in TV, print and radio including CityLine, Chatelaine Magazine and “The Mom Show”. Invited by the Catholic Regional Parent Involvement Committee (C.R.P.I.C.), Dr. Gordon spoke to the students about self-esteem and anxiety. Introduced by the student senate, Dr. Gordon helped the students to identify which self-esteem attitude they hold, to recognize the power their attitude has on motivation, dating, friendships, peer-pressure and their body, and how to empower themselves by learning practical steps to building a healthy self-image. The presentation was interactive as Dr. Gordon had students using improv and acting out different scenerios so that the group could see evidence of the power of healthy self-esteem. David DiBrina, Sudbury Catholic Student Trustee, as well as leader of the Student Senate felt it was a very impactful presentation and that the students were engaged and responsive to Dr. Gordon’s message. “This presentation wasn’t just the students sitting and listening to words, it was much more than that. Dr. Gordon really hit home with the audience about how important a healthy self-esteem is, and that we all need to work towards this positive self-confidence, as it will shape our future success. Many of the students in the audience were visibly moved by Dr. Gordon’s words and a large number of students stayed behind after the presentation to talk one on one with her about their personal situations. I congratulate C.R.P.I.C. and the Sudbury Catholic Board for being proactive in addressing the needs and well-being of the students.”
Dr. Gordon was also invited to speak to the community at a free event at the St. Benedict auditorium that same evening. Over 150 parents, teachers and other community members listened to Dr. Gordon’s message of understanding the faces of youth self-esteem and how it impacts their decision making, as well as learning about powerful communication strategies to “bridge the gap”. The audience learned different ways to encourage their child to open up, accept responsibility, build confidence and reduce anxiety.



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