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SCDSB Supports Learning Disabilities Month

April 1, 2004 - The Board of Directors of the Learning Disabilities Association of Sudbury unveiled the Learning Disabilities Section for Resource Material during a “special partnership announcement” held at the Main Branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library recently. Recognizing the importance of early identification of students with Learning Disabilities, trained and qualified educators provide strategies and programs to promote success and self esteem to students with Learning Disabilities in all Catholic and elementary and secondary schools.

The impetus for the creation of the new Learning Resource Section was spear-headed by the Lions Club of Sudbury who donated $1,029.00 towards this special initiative which will allow the library to house a variety of resource materials on learning disabilities, including books, videos, and audio cassettes. These materials will be catalogued, maintained and stored in the designated section for free accessibility to the community via the network of 13 library branches throughout the Greater Sudbury region. “This marks the first partnership of this type in Ontario,” stated Carole Paquette, President of the Learning Disabilities Association, (pictured at left) noting that in other parts of the province these resources are available to members only. Paquette also pointed out that one of the benefits of this partnership is that it provides parents with free access to resource materials in order that they can become informed knowledgeable advocates who can successfully partner with teachers and school boards.

In her address to the media, municipal officials, school board representatives and advocates of the Learning Disabilities Program, Paquette stated that, “It may be easy for some of us here today, to take the enjoyment of these many books and the process of reading for granted….For the 10% of the population with a learning disability, the highest percentage has a primary problem with reading and related language skills. It is said that when we develop partnerships we send the message that...We are all in this together…As a local Chapter, our mission is to support all individuals with learning disabilities in reaching their full potential, within a society that values their unique contributions and abilities. As partners here today…we are offering that support together.”

The Learning Disabilities Association would like to thank the members of the Lions Club of Sudbury and the Greater Sudbury Public Library, and recognize their efforts in the establishment of this “New Partnership.”



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