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Bears Teach Cubs About Electricity

Mr. Sipos and Grade 6 student Jorja Levola

October 5, 2016 - On Tuesday, October 4, the grade 5/6 class at Holy Cross had the chance to visit Michael Siposí science lab at St. Benedict to learn more about circuits and energy. Mr. Sipos arranged stations with different types of circuits for the students to build to help them to better understand the Electricity unit for the grade 6ís and the Conservation of Energy unit for the grade 5ís. They enjoyed putting the theories they had been studying in class into action and they were all thrilled when they managed to to get their buzzers to sound or their lights to turn on to show that they had completed their work correctly.

The most hair-raising part of the lab was when Mr. Sipos brought out the static energy generator to show the students how electrons could be created through friction to run through their bodies.
Students enjoyed walking across the campus to learn in a different environment and to experience what daily life is like at St. Benedict in this engaging transition activity.



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