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Elementary Teaching Positions

  Reference TEMP-17/18-ISF-1.0_FTE
  Location:   CEC and various schools
  Date Posted:   August 16, 2017
  Date Closed:   August 21, 2017 at 12:00 PM
  Date Effective:   September 1, 2017
  Date End:   June 30, 2018
  Description:   This Temporary Intensive Support Facilitator position is available September 1, 2017 until further notice (full time temporary). This temporary assignment will not go beyond the end of this school year, the successful candidate will be replaced by a long-term occasional teacher.

This position will receive an annual responsibility allowance of $2151.07 (without specialist) or $ 2,442.22 (with specialist) which will be prorated to time worked in this role.


The facilitator, under the direction of the Superintendent and the School Administration, will work collaboratively and in partnership with all educators, administration and students within a job-embedded professional learning model to reduce the gaps in student achievement.

In partnership and collaboration with the classroom educators and administration, the facilitator will:

-Provide support in the classroom for focused guided instruction to address the student learning needs; (i.e: guided reading, guided writing, guided math…)
-Using a “student work study stance”, by observing students of interest/concern during their learning and record observations of the learning for further analysis by the educator team and to determine focused next steps;
-Determine effective teaching and learning opportunities using a co-learning model (co-plan, co-teach, co-debrief) within the classroom;
-Conduct diagnostic (i.e. DRA, PRIME..)and formative assessment and analyze student learning needs and next steps;
-Assess and moderate samples of student work in relation to curriculum expectations and learning goals;
-Provide specific feedback, instruction and learning opportunities to students as they improve their work;
-Identify teaching and learning strategies that effectively address the diverse needs of students;
-Seek and provide professional learning resources, materials and information;
-Participate and provide professional learning opportunities;
-Work as an educator team to attain the school’s achievement goals
-Assist students and educators to implement the effective use of technology
-Assist students and educators to implement effective teaching and learning strategies in assessment, literacy, mathematics with a cross-curricular focus
-Assist students and educators to address particular student groups and gaps (i.e: gender, special education needs, Aboriginal students, English language Learners, students in care..)
-Be familiar with student needs (i.e.: Individual education plans (IEP), behavior safety plans (BSP), individual learning plans
-Provide focused student support and intervention as required (i.e.: SRA)
  Requirements:   QUALIFICATIONS :

- Special Education part I

- Must have two of the three basic qualifications (primary, junior, intermediate)

- French as a Second Language is an asset

- Related additional qualifications in literacy and numeracy are an asset


- Proven knowledge and ability to implement effective literacy and numeracy teaching and learning practices that addresses a range of student needs

- Proven knowledge and skills in addressing specific learning gaps in achievement for certain students (i.e: English Language Learners, Aboriginal students, special education…)

- Demonstrated ability to utilize differentiated instruction and assessment for and as learning

- Proven knowledge and skills in addressing special education needs

- Proven successful collaboration skills

- Ability to incorporate technology into the teaching and learning cycle

- Solid understanding of the cross curricular connection to learning

  Level:   Primary/Junior/Intermediate
  FTE:   1.00
  Program Type:   Special Education

This is an internal position available to current employees of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board only.

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