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Board Orientation for Protege Teachers (September)
Mentor Information Session (October)
P.M.P. - Principal/Mentor/Protégé School Session (October)
Focused Professional Development for Protégé Teachers (November)
P. D. for Occasional Teachers on First  L.T.A.  of  97 Days or More (November)
Job-Embedded Learning Opportunity for Protégés and Mentors (November/December)
Professional Development – You Choose! (February/March)
Celebrating "Teachers Teaching Teachers" (May)


Board Orientation for Protégé Teachers

A full day information session, facilitated by the NTIP Consultant, is arranged for first year teachers to preview Board sponsored professional development, job embedded learning opportunities, mentor support, the Individual NTIP Strategy Form, and the Teacher Performance Appraisal process.  New teachers are introduced to Academic Services Consultants, Human Resources staff, and Federation representatives.  A personal professional library is initiated through the provision of professional texts.

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Mentor Information Session

A half-day information session for all mentors outlines the NTIP expectations and the elements of the three C’s – coach, consultant and colleague.  The SCDSB Mentor Information Guidelines is referenced for a variety of topics: teacher criteria in the Letter of Recommendation; supports available to protege teachers; job embedded learning opportunities; implementation of the Catholic Graduate Expectations; guidelines for teacher observation; suggestions for working on the Individual NTIP Strategy Form.  All mentors are invited to participate in an online book study of the professional text “Mentoring Across Boundaries: Helping Beginning Teachers Succeed In Challenging Situations”

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P.M.P. - Principal/Mentor/Protégé School Session

Release is provided for a half-day session bringing together principal, mentor, and protege to discuss the Individual NTIP Strategy Form and the Teacher Performance Appraisal process.   Mentor will begin to develop the protege’s strategy form listing possible professional learning activities.  The principal  will arrange support as needed.

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Focused Professional Development for Protégé Teachers

A full day session facilitated by the Curriculum Consultants focused on Valuing our Faith, Teaching and Learning using assessment and evaluation, Teaching students with Special Needs and Classroom management.

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P.D. for Occasional Teachers on First L.T.A. for 97 Days or More

A half day session will be facilitated by the NTIP consultant to differentiated groups of long-term occasional teachers on their first assignment of 97 or more days.  Focus topics are developed from B.I.P. strategies and requests from teachers and school principals. The NTIP Consultant will then assign each group a personal mentor.

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Job-Embedded Learning Opportunity for Protégés and Mentors

Following a Steering Committee recommendation, the date for this job embedded(release provided to work together during the regular school work day) learning day is preset for all participants in mid-November of each year.  It is an opportunity for mentor and protege to continue working together to enhance and improve strategic learning, to update the Individual NTIP Strategy Form and to prepare for the coming Teacher Performance Appraisal.  Further JELO days can be accessed by the school principal through the NTIP Consultant.

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Professional Development by Choice

As teachers, we are all life-long learners.  To continue supporting our first time teachers, a number of professional learning workshops are developed by our Board’s consultants and made available during February and March of each year.  All proteges and occasional teachers on their first long term assignment of ninety-seven days or more are provided with choice of workshops they wish to attend.

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Celebrating "Teachers Teaching Teachers"

Proteges come together at the close of the first NTIP year for a half day session to learn from each other. The afternoon begins with a celebratory luncheon followed by teacher presentations; proteges who have attended professional conferences present best practices and strategies they have learned at the out-of-town symposiums, with the remaining proteges sharing the "how to's" of one rich practice that has been successful for each of them. The session ends with information on how the new teacher program will continue to support teachers in their second year of teaching.

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