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Attend a Conference
SCDSB Mentor Information
PD Opportunities for 2nd Year Teachers / First Year Continuing Education Teachers
Accessing Release for JELO (Job-embedded Learning Opportunity)

Attend a Conference

Before Conference

• request the 'Request to Attend a Conference or Workshop' form from your principal
• complete the form at least 2 months before conference date
• have the school principal sign the completed form
• forward the signed and completed form to the NTIP Coordinator
• NTIP Coordinator will seek Superintendent authorization and notify applicant of result

Note: Conference attendance is dependant on funding available. All travel will be through car rental by NTIP Executive Secretary or by Bus/Train.

After Conference

• complete Conference expenses for Elementary Teachers form or Conference expenses for Secondary Teachers form
• attach all receipts
• forward expense form and receipts to NTIP Coordinator for authorized reimbursement

Note: Conference attendance is available to proteges, mentors, second year teachers and 97 day LTO teachers

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SCDSB Mentor Information

Mentoring colleagues new to our profession is a way of giving back. It involves giving of your time and expertise to continue the learning that is vital to our first year teachers. Research shows that job-embedded learning opportunities are the favoured and most successful with new teachers. Access to release for both mentor and protege is available through release for both mentor and protege is available through contact of the NTIP Coordinator by the School Principal. Also recognizing that experienced teachers require updates on their learning, mentors are invited to attend NTIP professional development sessions with their proteges.

Mentor Recommendation Letter

Information for Mentors Handbook

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PD Opportunities for Second Year Teachers/First Year Continuing Education Teachers

The funds which are provided to school boards to support the New Teacher Induction Program now offer continued support, at the Board's discretion, for second year and/or beginning full time continuing education teachers. The SCDSB inform these teachers of all NTIP opportunities with the option of participating left to the teachers.

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Access to Release for JELO(Job-Embedded Learning Opportunity)

• mentor and protege determine need for JELO
• school principal emails request to NTIP Coordinator including date, time and topic
• NTIP Coordinator arranges release through NTIP Superintendent and Human Resources

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