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Sudbury Catholic District School Board Trustees exercise the distinctive nature of their Catholic Trusteeship in the following ways:

Witnessing to the Faith
Catholic School Trustees Centre their lives in the person of Jesus Christ with a focus on the teaching and mission of Catholic faith by expressing their faith in full communion with the Catholic Church.  They must also recognize their vocational call to Trusteeship and serve as role models by the way they conduct themselves.

Understanding the Purpose and History

Catholic School Trustees Understand the religious purpose of Catholic Education as part of the Church’s mission to teach the Gospel bearing in mind the significant contribution that Catholic Education makes to lives of the larger community.

Promoting, Protecting and Advocating for Catholic Education

Catholic School Trustees Defend the constitutional right of the Catholic community to govern, control and manage Catholic Schools and advocate for government policy, legislation and funding that protects the distinctive nature of Catholic Education.

Articulating, the Systems’ Catholic Mission and Vision

Catholic School Trustees Establish the Board’s educational mission and develop a shared vision for the system, which is reflected and promoted in specific terms.
See the Board's Vision

Providing, Governance and Policies

Catholic School Trustees Develop policies critical to achieving the Board’s mission and vision and ensure that all administrative operations and procedures are based on this vision.
See Board Policies

Appointing and Supporting the Director of Education

Catholic School Trustees Appoint and work together to provide resources for the Director of Education who supports and is held accountable for the Board’s mission and vision.

Ensuring, That Administrative Structures Reflect the Board’s Mission and Vision

Catholic School Trustees Establish employment and promotion policies related to hiring of qualified staff committed to the Board’s Catholic educational mission.

Providing, Christian Stewardship of Resources

Catholic School Trustees Identify budgets that reflect the spirit of Christian stewardship and assign resources honestly, equitably and appropriately.

Establishing, Authentic Religious Education in a Climate of Supportive Faith

Catholic School Trustees Ensure that Catholicity and faith formation are addressed across all disciplines and in addition promote the welfare, well being and dignity of all in the educational community.

Monitoring, Student Realization of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations

Catholic School Trustees Ensure that Catholic schools mould students to be well-developed persons, good citizens and faith-filled believers.
See the Catholic Graduate Expectations

Building, Significant Partnerships Within the Catholic Community

Catholic School Trustees Must work and communicate effectively with our Catholic education partners, community agencies, provincial and federal governments, and especially the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association and all who are involved in supporting Catholic education.

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